Catalogue 2022

Below, browse the 2022 Rencontres Internationales catalogue, or search the archives of the works presented since 2004. New video clips are routinely posted and the images and text are regularly updated.

Graham KELLY Skull Island Part III
Heidi KILPELÄINEN Land of Dreams
Sooun Kim Born Beneath, 2021
Jonna KINA After Life followed by Red Impasto Jar
Iztok KLANCAR Remembering the Nights In Safe Haven
Niki KOHANDEL The Sparrow Is Free
Daniel KÖTTER Rift Finfinnee
Daniel Kötter Water & Coltan
Youssef KSENTINI Plague Under The Olive Tree
Tina KULT, Agnes Varnai undressing giants
Nino LAISNE L'air des infortunés
Salomé Lamas Hotel Royal
Sonia Leber, David Chesworth Where Lakes Once Had Water
Zhouanqi LIU A Walk in Spring
Dora Longo Bahia Antígônadá
Luciana LOPEZ SCHÜTZ The Argentinian Neighbor
Mohamed Ismail LOUATI li(f:v)e
Ariane Loze Mainstream
Ariane LOZE Kolumba
Felix LUQUE SANCHEZ, Nicolas Torres Junkyard I
Elie Maissin, Mieriën Coppens Caught In The Rain