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Amanda Beech

Covenant Transport, Move or Die

Fiction expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 22:47 | Royaume-Uni, USA | 2015

1. Covenant Transport, Move or Die in its original form is a multi-channel video installation, presented here as one screen from this format. The work speaks directly to the mutual fantasies of mobility and non-place that have occupied the capitalist liberal imaginary as well as the world of leftist politics and contemporary art. The work features five characters that occupy the site of a wasteland making up a workerist crew of manager, worker, programmer, consumer, and dealer. In this parallel reality, derived from and cluttered with the detritus of our life as we know it, they program and mobilize the unrelenting movements of economies, states, culture and people. Using game show style methods of consensus building they wade through the terrain of global capitalist power to transcend the political stagnation of technology, industry and the mire of our present.

Amanda Beech is an artist and writer. Her work entangles narratives of power, reason and cause from philosophical theory, literature and real political events, exploring how the myths that seem necessary for an account of human agency are lived with, but can also be supplanted by a realist politics. Through entangling narratives of power and agency from philosophical theory, noir-ish narratives of TV shows like 24, CSI, the hard-boiled writing of James Ellroy and real political events, her artwork, in video, print and sculpture manifest an argument for a propositional art that executes another form of force to surpass the notion that art simply reflects and reproduces the status quo. The work traverses the aesthetic and philosophical paradigms of institutional, individualistic, metaphysical, rational and mythological authorities to propose a new realist politics of the artwork itself that can surpass the tragic consciousness and the ideal skepticism that has mutually championed and debilitated the value of art in Modern and contemporary culture. In this hard critique of liberal and neo-liberal cultural politics her work examines and produces the condition of language as force and the force of language with the weight of a commitment to a future