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As of 2024, the VOD platform will offer thematic programmes, a monthly selected video and an application to create personalised playlists.

This platform is aimed primarily at media libraries, art schools and universities in order to extend our actions in favour of contemporary practices of the moving image intended for specific audiences. Representative of diverse approaches and current practices, the platform brings together:

Documentary, experimental documentary
Fiction, experimental fiction
Video artists, experimental video
Animation, experimental animation

Its purpose is to propose thematic programmes which resonate with institutional cultural events and programmes, as well as specific publications with thematic introductions, recorded works and biographical notes.

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If you are a supervisor in a media library, a teacher or educational administrator in a school or a university, please contact us. Registration is free.

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If you are interested in the VOD platform for personal use, you will need to become a member.

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Become member to browse the VOD platform and enjoy the many other benefits during regular or one-time events throughout the year. Priority and free access to all events, invitations to the opening and closing ceremonies, professional cocktails and parties, access to Tv lab plus with live broadcasting, as well as gifts and surprises

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