Moving_image #2

Browse information about screenings in the cycle "Moving_image, A Contemporary ABC" from October 2012 to March 2015 at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. A laboratory for discovery and reflection dedicated to contemporary practices of the moving image. Video, cinematic and multimedia works are presented as an Alphabet book.

B as bestiaire

Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France | Wednesday 14 November 2012

For this second meeting of the Moving_Image alphabet, the filmed animal appears as a form condensed form outside the narrative, a paradoxical image outside language. A lion, rabbits, a wolf, a donkey a sheep, dogs, among others...

Patrick Jolley : Snakes | Exp. fiction, black and white, 5', Ireland, 2009 Traffic noise in a rainy street. In a quiet flat, a dressed man lies on a bed. on a bed. Snakes embrace him, slowly slithering under his clothes.

Isabelle Levenez : Pets. The family meal | Video, colour, 4', France, 2006 Naked characters wear animal masks, they seem to evolve in a hybrid universe, between the human and the animal, they monologue and build from scratch an imaginary staging. imaginary stage production.

William Wegman : Around the Park | Video, colour, 7'26'', USA, 2007 "Around the Park" features William Wegman's canine cast, here he reunites his famous dogs, who are having fun on a beautiful autumn day in Madison Square Park.

Corinna Schnitt : Once Upon a Time | Video, colour, 22', Germany, 2006 At floor level, a camera makes slow circular panoramas in an empty living room. A cat suddenly appears, followed by a second one. A dog drinks from an aquarium, a rabbit hops around the room a bird joins the crowd. A pig grunts.

Mauro Folci : Noia | Video, colour, 3'33'', Italy, 2009 A man is sitting at a table; a lion, with its paws on the table, is facing him. The video focuses on the two characters on the two characters, on the strange relationship between the animal's paw and the man's hand, and on the closeness of the and the proximity of the enormous animal standing solemnly in front of the fragile body of the man. body of the man

Sarah Vanagt : The Corridor | Documentary, colour, 6'45'', Belgium, 2010 A donkey is followed and filmed during his weekly visit to elderly people in a care home in England. care home in England. It is only when the donkey enters the room of Norbert, who has lost the use of who has lost the ability to speak, that a completely different encounter takes place.

Sam Easterson : Burrow-Cams | Video, colour, 3', USA, 2010 This video, "camera-terriers", presents recordings made from inside the underground habitats of animals. underground animal habitats. We see, from their burrows or dens, animals such as: the burrowing owl the burrowing owl, the black-footed ferret, the porcupine, the badger, the field vole, the the swift, the doe...

Ariane Michel : The Screening | Video, colour, 24', France, 2007 "One night, in a forest. Owls, ferrets, foxes... the activity of the animals is in full swing, when the activity of the animals is in full swing, when flashes of light pierce the darkness: humans are approaching. They gather in front of a large white They gather in front of a large white surface which, plunged into the darkness, comes to life.