Catalogue 2023-2024

Below, browse the 2023-2024 Rencontres Internationales catalogue, or search the archives of the works presented since 2004. New video clips are routinely posted and the images and text are regularly updated.

Kevin Jerome Everson Hazel (Dual)
Macbeth EWAN Prison with Songbirds
Sirine Fattouh, Sandra Fatté, Victor Bresse, Chrystel Élias Behind the Shield
Mehryl FERRI LEVISSE sans titre
Tor-finn Malum FITJE, Thomas Anthony Hill Ad Nauseam: National Treasures Explained (Pine Tree Stump)
Flatform Approaches to a Theory of Punctuation
Terry Flaxton Another Life
Arthur FLÉCHARD The Yellow Question
Elise Florenty, Marcel Türkowsky Zapotitland
Sarah FRIEDLAND Trust Exercises
Darko FRITZ Zamisljene Buducnosti: Turizam
Moise GANZA Muzunga
Wei GAO Lightness
Serge GARCIA A General Disappointment
Omar GÁMEZ Coreomanía
Nicolas Gebbe Lockdown Dreamscape VR
Aikaterini GEGISIAN Third Person (Plural)
Nadia GHANEM Three Disappearances and a Song
Riccardo GIACCONI Animal
Silvia Giambrone Traum