Other projects

Parallel to the screenings and exhibitions, certain collaborations take the form of multidisciplinary projects, conferences and round tables, others take the form of temporary, artistic endeavours.

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain
Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl, "Hour of Moth (Etude no. II)" - Image courtesy

Carte blanche
Speculative Cosmogonies

Romainville, France | Saturday 22 April 2023

As part of "Symbiosium, Speculative Cosmogonies", the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles invites the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin for a carte blanche at the Fiminco Foundation.

At the Fiminco Foundation

43, rue de la Commune de Paris - 93230 Romainville
Metro: Line 5 - stop Bobigny-Pantin-Raymond Queneau
From 2pm to 9pm
Free entrance

The selected works are presented continuously throughout the day, from 2pm to 9pm:

Eva L'Hoest : Under Automata
Video | 4k | black and white | 10'49'' | Belgium | 2017

Eva L'Hoest : The Inmost Cell
Video | 4k | colour | 11'8'' | Belgium | 2020

Kim Richard Adler Mejdhal : Hour Of Moth (Etude No. II)
Video installation | 4k | colour | 11'10'' | Denmark | 2020

Other programmes offered by the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles:

From 2pm to 9pm
Exhibition "Symbiosium, Cosmogonies spéculatives"

at 2pm and 5pm
Two sessions : Symbiosium - Les Matribiotes
Duration : 1h - Reservation is required here

Activation by Angyvir Padilla of his installation Home Contains Us and Is Within Us #43 (In-Situ Creation)

Balade Hyménoptère 2.0, by Pedro Riofrio

Rituals with Microbial Ancestors, by Annemarie Maes

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