Beyond Les Rencontres Internationales, video and multimedia exhibitions are curated at the invitation of museums and art centres. They offer critical and progressive insight into areas with shifting boundaries, bringing together the aesthetic, social and political questions of our time, including issues related to changing modes of production and distribution.


BoCA Biennial of Contemporary Arts

Lisbonne, Portugal | March 17 to April 30, 2017

The BoCA Biennial of Contemporary Arts, invites the Rencontres Internationales to curate a video show in the framework of the "Animal-House" public space project, and a carte blanche screening. The following artits have been chosen for the public space project: Ivan Argote, Olafur Olafson and Libia Castro, Marion Inglessi. For the carte blanche, a work by Philippe Grandrieux have been programmed.

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March 23-30, 2017
Complexo do Corucheús – Lisbon

Exhibition, video cycle

Olafur Olafson & Libia Castro : Illusion Woman | 14’14’’ | Spain, Iceland, Germany | 2017


Ivan Argote : Barcelona | 5’16’’ | colombie, Espagne | 2014


Marion Inglessi : Catastrophe | 5’ | Grèce | 2015


Le 27 avril 2017
Cinéma São Jorge - Lisbonne


Philippe Grandrieux : Meurtrière | Film expérimental | 61’ | France | 2015