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Rossella nisio
The Silent Ray
Video | hdv | color | 18'1'' | Italy / Netherlands | 2019
The man’s presence lingers in the room that for years served as his study. Present and past intertwine as he follows threads of his memory and recalls events from the time of his participation in the colonial war against Ethiopia in 1935-36.
Rossella Nisio [IT] is a visual artist based in Rotterdam whose work has a strong focus on notions of memory, imagination and space. She has a background in the theory of cinema and performing arts; she pursued her practical training first within the field of documentary photography, eventually moving towards a more autonomous approach to still and moving image-making. She completed the advanced photography studies in Ar.Co in Lisbon in 2017 and earned an MA in Fine Art and Design at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam in 2019.