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Experimental doc. | hdv | black and white | 15'26'' | Ireland / France | 2012
L?arrêt is an experimental documentary about suspense and (im)balance, indecision and the choreography of fear. Shot in the Parc National des Calanques with a group of young adults from the Cité de la Bricarde, a housing project in Marseille?s troubled Quartiers Nord, L?arrêt explores the uncertainty we all face in the no-man?s-land between child and adult. L?arrêt is a film in which five young adults jump from vertiginous limestone cliffs into the Mediterranean 20 meters below. However, the spectacle is not the scenery, or the drama of the fall ? but the moments before? The mixture of bravado and unease, the switch between the hard stare and the too-relaxed grin, the waves of tension and uncertainty, and the struggle to overcome them that unite their bodies in a strange, beautiful, shared language of fear. At the Centre Sociale in La Bricarde, the youthwork coordinator told us that, ?Ici, les jeunes ont du mal a se projeter?? But here at least ? slowly, painfully, joyously ? they do.
gethan&myles are a creative partnership lving and working in Marseille since 2011. As an artistic double-act, collaboration is at the heart of everything they do: not only with each other, but also with the spaces in which they work and the people who occupy them. Giving a voice to communities who are misunderstood or ignored, and expressing the richness of their experience underpins many of gethan&myles? projects. Whether working in film, photography, text, sculpture or performance, ?the sublime? is of little interest to them - what inspires them is the real world and the human beings they share it with.