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broersen & lukÁcs, in collaboration with nina vadsholt
All, or Nothing at All
Video | hdv | color | 7'45'' | Netherlands / Denmark | 2019
In ‘All, or Nothing at All’ Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen explore the hybridity, in image and sound, of the ultra-thin surface of digital photography in order to contemplate its role in shaping our experience and memory. ‘All, or Nothing at All’ takes its cue from Frank Sinatra’s 1939 first hitsong. Originally performed from an utterly male perspective, Danish singer Nina Vadshølt transformed the song into an angelic, rebellious chant in which many voices converge and dispute eachother. Broersen & Lukács constructed an army of avatars, impersonations of Nina Vadshølt, that ramble through a digital replica of the ancient city of Viborg(Denmark): a labyrinth of abandoned malls, garages, crusader paths and centuries old alleys as portals to another dimension. The choreography is based on West Side Story, the 1961 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, in which Puerto-Rican and Polish streetgangs fight eachother. In ‘All, or Nothing at All’ the duality is depicted in the display of the real and the virtual, in which the ancient town of Viborg appears as a hollow veil resembling the way in which everything seems feasible that appears on our screens, a world in which there is no middle ground, only Everything or Nothing.
Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen are artists based in Amsterdam, working together since 2002. In today’s visual culture, fiction is usurping the place of reality. Broersen & Lukács respond to this by creating video animations presenting a parallel world of spectacular images that wholly absorb the viewer in which 'nature' functions as a mirror for our media-dictated culture. Their works, consisting of layered projections, digital animations and spatial installations, have been exhibited by renowned institutions and organisations both domestically and internationally. Lukács & Broersen’s work have been shown at a.o. Rencontres Arles (France), Art Wuzhen (China), Biennale of Sydney (Australia), Karachi Biennial (Pakistan), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (Netherlands), FOAM (Netherlands), MUHKA (Belgium), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Kröller Müller (Netherlands) and Casa Enscendida (Madrid). Their films have been shown at several festivals including LAForum (Los Angeles), Oberhausen FilmFest (Germany), Kassel Dokumentar und Filmfestival (Germany), Rencontres Paris Berlin at Louvre, Paris (France), Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (Germany), the New York Film Festival (United States), IDFA (Netherlands) and IFFR (The Netherlands). Upcoming shows are Forest on Location, A Space Gallery, (Toronto, Canada) Shaping the Invisible World- at Hek (Basel , Switzerland) and Rubble: A Matter of Time at Auckland Art Gallery (New Zealand.