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Anthony Haughey


Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur | 17:22 | Irlande, Bosnie-Herzégovine | 2015

UNresolved reflects on the twentieth anniversary of genocide in Srebrenica, where in 1995 more than 8000 men and boys were systematically murdered by the Bosnian Serb army of Republika Srpska (VRS). The title relates to the UN Security Resolution 819, passed on the 16th April 1993 declaring Srebrenica as a ‘safe’ area for refugees – the prelude to what was the largest act of genocide in Europe since the holocaust. Following Haughey’s earlier work in Bosnia, between 1998-2002, he gained exclusive access to buildings and atrocity sites in Serb controlled territory, areas that have hitherto been off limits. Since completing the film in early 2015 the building where the Dutch UN was based has been renovated. As a result Unresolved is also an important historical document which captures the building in its original state. The film includes eyewitness accounts of massacre victims collated from archives such as Human Rights Watch and also directly from people encountered on research visits to Bosnia, with accounts of resistance and survival, testimonies from young Dutch soldiers who were serving in Srebrenica and conflicting accounts from UN personnel and Serb military commanders. The film explores ideological and political narratives informing this emerging and contested history.

Anthony Haughey is an artist and a lecturer in the Dublin Institute of Technology. He was Senior Research Fellow (2005-8) in Belfast School of Art, where he completed a PhD in 2009. His work has been widely exhibited and collected nationally and internationally, most recently Uncovering History, Kuunsthaus Graz, Excavation, Limerick City Gallery where he premiered his new film, Unresolved, Making History, Colombo Art Biennale Art of the Troubles, Ulster Museum, Belfast, Settlement, Belfast Exposed, Northern Ireland: 30 years of photography, the MAC and Belfast Exposed, New Irish Landscapes, Three Shadows Gallery, Beijing and Homelands, a major British Council exhibition touring South Asia. His work has been published in more than seventy publications, monographs include The Edge of Europe (1996), Disputed Territory (2006) and an artist’s book State (2011). His work is represented in many international public and private collections and he is an editorial advisor for the Routledge journal, Photographies. He was recipient of the Create Arts and Cultural Diversity Award 2014 and is currently working on a new film supported by a Projects Award from The Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon which will premiere in NYC in April 2016.