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Jeanne Liotta


Doc. expérimental | 35mm | | 3:45 | USA | 2013

A few simple techniques of the cinema--a direct quotation, a framed location, an actress in costume, a few cuts to the quick--conspire in a compact couple of minutes to produce an image replete with historical and geographic visibility, to wit:  an implied and uncontainable expanse of a landscape bought, sold and inhabited. An anti-landscape film and a one-two punch. -JL

Jeanne Liotta was born and raised in New York City. She makes film, video and other cultural ephemera such as works on paper , photographs, projection performances, and intimate installations. Her playful investigations into time, space, and perception itself, are manifested through the observation of various and contingent subjects: the cosmos, landscape, pure abstraction, the body in space, the cinema itself, or knowledge systems such as science and language. Her work encompasses a constellation of mediums often located at a lively intersection of art, science, and natural philosophy, exemplified by her award-winning 16mm films of the night skies Observando El Cielo (2007), Eclipse (2005) as seen in the 2006 Whitney Biennial, and more recently with installations such as Diagram Squared (2013) at Microscope Gallery in Bklyn NY. In 2011 Liotta was voted amongst the top filmmakers of the decade by Film Comment magazine and in 2012 received the Helen Hill Award from the Orphans Film Symposium. Her works have been exhibited at The New York Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Pompidou in Paris, MCA Denver, The Sharjah Biennial, Arthouse Jones Center in Austin, The Exploratorium SF, and the Cornell Astronomical Society at Fuertes Observaotory, amongst numerous others. She also maintains ongoing research into The Joseph Cornell Film Collection at Anthology Film Archives, has worked with public film materials from the New York Public Library for her garden series Firefly Cinema in NYC for over 15 years, and more recently has curated programs of moving image poetics for Counterpath Press in Denver CO. She has taught widely and variously, at The New School, Pratt Institute, The San Francisco Art Institute, The Museum School Boston, and is presently Assistant Professor of Film Studies at The Univ. of Colorado Boulder, as well as film video faculty for the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, NY.