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Daniel Robin

All The Leaves Are Brown

Doc. expérimental | super8 | couleur | 11:0 | USA | 2017

What do we become when we realize that we are no longer what we used to be? Are we still ourselves, even though we no longer remember what we used to be? Through a collage of excerpts from conversations, thoughts, pictures of places and intimate family moments, "All the Leaves are Brown" is an autobiographical reflection, in film, of the American director Daniel Robin. The nostalgia for the past and for his life in California (as in the music by "The Mamas & The Papas" suggested by the title) is imprinted in the beautiful landscapes shot in Super8, which are in contrast with the narrator`s feeling of anguish, regarding the present and the future, a time that is characterised by what no longer exists or what has ceased to be. In a touching and intimate portrait about memory, family and loss, the fallen leaves of "All the Leaves are Brown" represent the end of a season and the beginning of another cycle: Daniel knows that, next year, the tree he sees from his window will once again be filled with leaves. He will have to learn to be another one. (LQ)

Daniel Robin’s film, “my olympic summer,” won the 2008 Sundance Film Festival Jury Prize for Short Filmmaking. The film also won the Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Short at the Florida Film Festival, Best Documentary Short at the Nashville Film Festival, and best documentary short at several other festivals. The film was also selected to screen at the prestigious New Directors/New Films Festival in New York. His other films have twice screened at Sundance, at the SXSW Film Festival and festivals in Bogota, Cartagena, Abu Dhabi, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain, Philadelphia, London, Atlanta, Baltimore, Humboldt, Ann Arbor, and elsewhere. Filmmaker magazine recently named Robin one of the “25 New Faces of Independent Film,” a major honor. Robin is an innovative online artist, having pioneered web video in 2001, and with 6 episodic web series to date available at his website Robin recently wrote an essay about his experiences with web video for Movement, the NYU Tisch School journal. Daniel has been invited to present web video work at the Amsterdam Worldwide Video Festival and elsewhere. His projects have received support from the San Francisco Arts Commission, Apple Computers, the Fleishbacker Foundation, and the Film Arts Foundation. As Robin puts it: “My film/video work is primarily made for two distinct exhibition venues: film festivals and the Internet (web series). My short films are personal and, for the most part, interrogate relationships I have with women, my family, and Judaism. While the majority of my filmmaking can be read within a documentary framework, I’m more inclined not to use labels to categorize my work. I have a deep love and appreciation for narrative cinema and have incorporated some fictional devices in my more recent films. I use narrative strategies both as a means to critique how we consume documentaries and, in some sense, as a way to liberate my work from the constraints of conventional non-fiction storytelling. The most important aspect of filmmaking, for me, is to arrive at an emotional truth that resonates with the viewer.I began making web series at my site in 2000. My first series, the valet chronicles, set the thematic standard for each new series, my relationship with a specific neighborhood, and or community. My work here maintains an aesthetic and tonal consistency that aligns itself with familiar tropes of documentary practice, yet I consider these web series an extension of my personal filmmaking.”