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Philipp Hartmann, Danilo Carvalho

virar mar / meer werden

Fiction | hdcam | couleur | 85:0 | Allemagne, Brésil | 2020

Water as a physical and metaphysical metaphor and background of human existence. A docu-fictional essay between the Brazilian Sertão-deserts and the Northern-German flood areas of Dithmarschen. Dramas and day-by-day-observations in times of climate change.

Philipp Hartmann, born in 1972 in Karlsruhe, Germany, working as a filmmaker since 2000. Before studying film at Hamburg University of Fine Arts (graduated in 2007) he obtained a master’s degree in Latin American Sciences and a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics in Cologne and Brazil. His last feature length films were: virar mar / meer werden / becoming sea (2020), From the 84 Days (2021), El Argentino (2021), 66KINOS (2017) and Time goes by like a Roaring Lion (2013). He also makes short films like Skala (2019), About the Necessity to Travel the Seas (2010) or requiem for Mrs. H. (2007), as well as commissioned films, especially for museums and artists. Danilo Carvalho, born in 1972 in Fortaleza, Northeast Brazil. Filmmaker specialized in sound recording, sound design and soundtrack. Studied music at the State University of Ceará. Worked as a sound engineer and sound designer for directors such as Karim Aïnouz (Brazil), Hilton Lacerda (Brazil) or Margarita Hernandez (Cuba). Directed the films Supermemórias (2010), virar mar / meer werden (2020) and Torquato Imagem da Incompletude (2020). He founded the experimental jazz band Realejo Quartet and, at the end of the 1990s, he played in the bands Cidadão Instigado and Belchior. He teaches classes in sound recording or sound design at universities, schools and NGOs.