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Tina Kult, Agnes Varnai

undressing giants

VR expérimental | 0 | couleur | 0:0 | Allemagne, Autriche | 2021

The virtual installation undressing giants is a conglomerate of a shedding cycle’s remains. An abandoned shell of a past consciousness – an abstract organism of creation that is already left behind by its host. Visitors are the protagonists of the installation’s eerie space. They become players as they take a first-person point of view while cruising around the floating parts of this entropic, fragile yet solid, ultimately unknown body. Travelers, who – called by the sirens of this virtual landscape – are unable to resist the urge to seek action and look for treasures in the seductive, bottomless void of the installation’s reality.

T(n)C was founded in 2017 by Agnes Varnai and Tina Kult. They live and work in Vienna and experiment with a wide range of media, including virtual reality, 3D, installation and fashion. By combining the different disciplines, they are researching immersive experiences to connect the digital and physical levels of realities. T(n)C believes in the power of joint efforts. Their aim is to expand the practices of collective storytelling with a collaborative approach.