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Claudia Claremi

El Tiempo

Doc. expérimental | mov | couleur et n&b | 18:36 | Cuba, Espagne | 2020

El Tiempo is a collaboration with the volunteers of the Reina Sofía Museum, a group of pensioners that play an active role in the museum’s educational programmes. Through the creation of a collaborative experimental film, El Tiempo examines the intangible, explores personal and collective memories, and delves into the relationship between this group and the Museum, representing a symbiosis of bodies and artworks. The project started in 2019, with the idea of making a film set in a dystopian present, where the Museum is closed to the public as a result of the collapse of modern society. Western culture has therefore lost its hegemonic role, causing the abandonment of the institutions that sustained it. In this context, the volunteers appear to be the only people who inhabit the Museum. The framework of this fictional thread, facilitated the development of group and individual performative actions, and allowed a series of encounters of bodies, space and artworks. This work was shot just before the pandemic and the editing and post-production process took place during the confinement. This experience deeply redefined the project and those images that were created as a vision of an imagined present, began to represent a plausible reality.

Claudia Claremi (Madrid, 1986). Visual artist and filmmaker. Graduated in Documentary Film from the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba) and in Fine Arts from University of the Arts London (UK) and the Instituto Superior de Arte de La Habana (Cuba), and she has participated in alternative programmes of study and critical practice such as VISIO (Lo Schermo dell’Arte, Florence), P.O.P.S. (Colectivo Ayllu, Matadero, Madrid), Campus (Latitudes, Barcelona) and La Práctica (Beta Local, Puerto Rico). Her films Firefly, Bat and The woodland, among others, have been shown and awarded at international film festivals such as Raindance, Ann Arbor, Ji.hlava, FIC Guadalajara, Documentamadrid or Márgenes. Her work has been part of many exhibitions and she has also obtained the XXI Generación 2021 award, XXXI Circuitos award, the Matadero CREA grant. In 2020-21 she has completed El Tiempo, a film in collaboration with the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid.