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Wouter Stroet

So Settler, Are You a Pioneer?

Animation | mp4 | couleur | 6:43 | Pays-Bas | 2020

‘So Settler, Are You a Pioneer?’ captures the structures of a rapidly changing peripheral neighbourhood: material remains of an obsolete infrastructure, luxury apartments, and piles of bricks that once used to house people. The work re-assembles and digitally preserves sites that are often overlooked in tales of linear progress. The piece is a journey through distorted urban landscapes, an assemblage of partial perspectives. By adapting the cartographic technique of photogrammetry, Wouter aims to question the authorities who decide what is and what is not in focus.

Through unravelling tales of linear progression I seek to map out the blurriness of our world. By adapting and appropriating modern contemporary cartographic techniques, such as photogrammetry, and the use of aerial and satellite imagery. I aim to question the authority that decides what is and what is not in focus to re-orient and ignite curiosity. Currently I am active as an artist and graphic designer. Besides my individual practice I collobarate in communal projects, one being OUTLINE; a collective and publishing platform consisting of one other graphic designer and two photographers. Another one being Radio Voorwaarts which is a platfom for underground culture in Amsterdam. More recently: Verdedig Noord, an activist group fighting against gentrification in Amsterdam Noord.