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Do Hoang

Tôi muốn rao lên

Fiction expérimentale | hdv | noir et blanc | 20:0 | Viet nam | 2014

The movie is about traces, disintegration, and the feeling of being adrift. Two people are in love with each other through the tangible objects. The film opens with a break-in and several stolen objects. A sense of losing traces, filled with shadows of violence and unexpectedness is provoked, foreseeing a disintegrated future. In theanxious space remained an old cloth - a hidden, humble and sensitive trace. The story tells the journey of the old cloth with the Man – the Woman and the Anonym, challenging their sensitive and hard-to-identify existences.

DO VAN HOANG 26/6/1987 Director, Screenplay, Actor Mobile: + 84(0)1668606403 Email: EDUCATION Documentary and Experimental Film-making Course, Hanoi DOCLAB, Goethe Institute, 2010-2011 Faculty Cinema, The HaNoi Academy of Theatre & Cinema, 2007-2011