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Tseng Yu Chin

The Wall

Fiction expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 9:57 | Taiwan, 0 | 2022

The sound work is a record of a student protest movement in Taiwan, but it is a mourning of the movement that no longer exists. The sounds in this work were recorded during the 2014 student movement demonstration in Taiwan. The overlap of sounds from near and far creates a state of physical closeness and alienation. I am talking about the body without remorse, immersed in this humid field full of body flakes flying around, to crash into the invisible system. We are in a state where we are in this dilemma of life, in this island, where we are not allowed to face our existence democratically and freely, where we are hidden in this darkness, where we are not seen and not known, where we actually have a will and a mind.

Born in 1978 Video Artist, Director, Photographer, Curator