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Seoungho Cho

Latency / Contemplation 1

Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 6:32 | Coree du Sud, USA | 2016

In this video, Cho transforms the sea shore into a visual poem. His inner landscapes and his perception of the outer world come together in an abstract meditation about space and place, light, time and traveling. The video consists of heavily electronic distorted images which result in mainly horizontal lines and colour bars which are reminiscent of the horizontal lines of VHS video. At the same time, Cho pushes the image to the edge of abstraction through which its relation to painting comes to the fore; through the emphasis on the flatness of the image this work reminds us of colour field painting (Mark Rothko). The soundtrack consists of manipulated audio of sea sound, like waves and wind, also pushing to abstraction. To this `noise` a minimal, poetic piano sound is added which brings a melancholic sphere to the work. The montage is hardly felt since cuts seem to be absent: everything seems to be metamorphosed into one another. Through the contemplative quality of the sound as well as the image, this video becomes a wondrous experience.

Seoungho Cho was born in 1959 in S.Korea. He received his M.A. from New York Univ. He received a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship. Cho`s solo exhibitions have included The Museum of Modern Art, NY, Montevideo, Amsterdam and LeeUm Museum of Modern Art, Seoul. His installations have been selected for the permanent collection at such as the Museum of Modern Art, NY; LeeUm Museum of Modern Art, Korea and at the Los Angeles International Airport. In 2012, Cho`s Buoy (2008) was presented as a massive multi-channel installation in Times Square NY, a collaboration between EAI and the Times Square Alliance. Cho`s tapes have been broadcast nationally and internationally. He lives in New York.