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Niyaz Saghari

The Stairs, The Suitcases and The Grand Hall of Books

Doc. expérimental | super8 | noir et blanc | 6:2 | Iran | 2019

The poet Ali Sarandibi takes us to an experimental journey in to his work place in The Grand Hall of Books (Tallar Ketab) in Enghelab street in Tehran,best known for its bookshops and Tehran University.The sound bites from the shopkeepers tell the story of the arcade and how their work condition has changed lately.

Niyaz Saghari is an Iranian born,UK based documentary maker. Her work is focused on the urban life in her home town of Tehran and Bristol where is based.She is mainly focused on using super 8 format and using echo developing methods specially Caffenol. She is a member of BEEF (Bristol Experimental Expanded Film) collective.