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Ekaterina Selenkina

Obkhodniye puti

Fiction expérimentale | 16mm | couleur | 73:0 | Russie | 2021

A sprawling meditation on the choreography of bodies in Moscow’s urban landscape, Detours depicts a new way of dealing illicit drugs via the Darknet, the layering of the physical and the virtual realities, as well as a poetics, and politics, of space. Taking place in sleepy neighbourhoods, among the concrete walls of high-rises, behind garages and amidst abandoned railroads, the film alternately follows and loses track of Denis, the treasureman who hides stashes of drugs all over the city.

Ekaterina Selenkina is a filmmaker, artist and curator born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1992. Her work showed at Venice International Film Critics’ Week, Viennale, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Garage Museum of Modern Art, Camerimage, Pacific Meridian, Message to Man, New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival, REDCAT arts center, among others. Together with Zaina Bseiso, Luis Gutiérrez Arias and Joie Estrella Horwitz, she is a member of the film collective called Bahía Colectiva and co-curator of Adrift Residency. She received her MFA in Film/Video from California Institute of the Arts and is currently based in Moscow.