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Peter Treherne

The Names of Things

Documentaire | mov | couleur | 17:38 | Royaume-Uni | 2021

A bed-bound woman's year passes as a day: her time is no longer measured by the increments of a clock but by the quality of weather outside her window. Objects emerge and merge in the gloom; the woman dissolves and reforms. Her muteness, her glaucomas and her inactivity render things indeterminate. By naming objects, animal and phenomena we reduce and delineate them, and so separate ourselves from the world around us - she cannot do this.

Peter Treherne is a moving image artist working in the South East of England. His films explore the affects of the environment, particularly weather, on agricultural and creative labour. His work is distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre and Kinoscope, has been funded by Arts Council England, and has screened internationally at festivals and galleries including Festival ECRA, Whitechapel Gallery and London Institute of Contemporary Arts. Peter is also director of the Slow Film Festival, an organisation that shares moving image art with the British public in rural areas. The festival has collaborated on programmes with institutions including Close-Up Film Centre, MUBI and the British Council, and has screened work from artists including Ben Rivers, Kevin Jerome Everson, Babette Mangolte and James Benning. Peter also holds a master’s degree in Film Aesthetics from the University of Oxford.