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Alex Beriault

Sometimes a little Sin is good for the Soul

Film expérimental | 16mm | couleur | 8:0 | Canada | 2020

“Sometimes a little Sin is good for the Soul” takes place within an architectural, painterly world. Interior structures, shapes and colours form together the unusual spaces within which three women are suspended. Their actions remain bound to their surroundings, while a glowing red “Exit” sign reappears throughout the film to tease its cold surroundings. No matter how often the sign reveals itself, it never points towards a clear way out.

Alex Beriault is a visual artist (b. Toronto, Canada) whose artistic works encompass installation and film. In 2014 she received her BFA from OCAD University in Sculpture/Installation and has since developed performance-centric work, within which she positions herself as a main subject. Beriault participated in exhibitions and screenings across Canada, the United States and Europe, including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor (2021), the Weserburg Museum of Modern Art, Bremen (2021), GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen (2020), and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge (2018). Recently, Beriault was a Meisterschülerin of Rosa Barba at the University of the Arts Bremen, and now works between Bremen, Germany and Toronto, Canada.