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Piscine, Bergman & Salinas

Be A Pattern For The World

Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 5:48 | Danemark | 2018

Be a Pattern for the World is acollaboration between artist group Piscine (consisting of Mark Tholander, Jens Settergren & Ida Thorhauge) and the artist duo Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas. Be a Pattern for the World circulates around the concept of the chameleon. The chameleon as an abstract machine: "The chameleon, maybe. It hovers, as a turbine. An object can be monitored better by the turbine. These days anything can be imitated." The chameleon most of all stands for shape-shifting and adaptability. Adapting patterns of a given environment, while at the same time creating new patterns in the given space. The ability of changing one's appearance as a response to one's surroundings. What can be seen and what cannot; blending in and standing out; becoming distinct while also becoming part of the given space. The chameleon is the abstract machine which initiates a production of subjectivity in the relation between the individual and the surroundings, the figure and the background, the shape and the pattern, as well as the singular and the univocal.

Piscine is an exhibition phenomenon that handles solo, group and collaborative situations: a hybrid apparatus that sometimes acts as an artist group and at other times acts as a curatorial unit. Current members are: Mark Tholander, Ida Sønder Thorhauge, and Jens Settergren. Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas are an artist duo who co-founded Institute for New Connotative Action: an artist run initiative, and INCA Press.