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Dunne bryony
Things Stay for a While
Documentaire | hdv | couleur | 10'0'' | Irlande / Egypte | 2017
Ahmad Ali Badawi is a writer, translator, researcher and self-described ” eternal student ” who lives in Cairo. `Things Stay For A While` (2017) shadows Ahmad, inside his downtown apartment as he researches the evolution of bird wings. In pursuit of more particulars, he treks the streets, passing politically charged murals from the aftermath of the revolution to the city’s Agricultural Museum, which houses an array of taxidermied birds and other winged specimens. As he drifts from one display to the next, a visual analogy for the “ eternal student ”“ meaning, one who has an insatiable desire for knowledge and intrigue”comes to pass: one specimen unexpectedly takes flight.
Bryony Dunne (1984) is an Irish Visual Artist based in Athens. Before relocating to Greece she lived and worked in Cairo for five years. Building on her background in documentary photography and visual anthropology, she explores the intersections between humanity and the natural world often merging documentary and fiction.