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Michiel alberts
Another Gate Before the Law
Experimental video | hdv | black and white | 17'13'' | Netherlands / | 2017
Another Gate Before The Law (HDVideo, B&W, 17m13, Michiel Alberts, 2017) Michiel Alberts is currently working on a series of K. Films. The films relate to different short texts by F. Kafka. Michiel Alberts performs and films his actions in order to transform the stories into a visual image bringing it to current and existential scenery. The film Another Gate Before The Law refers to the text Before the Law, by F. Kafka. The film is a dark poetic image dealing with the present state of our time and to current human conditions.
(Born The Netherlands, 1972. Lives and Works in Antwerp, Belgium.) Michiel Alberts is a Visual artist working with the media Performance, Film and Photography. In his film works he focuses upon his performative presence, movements with duration or repetitive actions. Through the usage of single angel point, the audience is invited to experience a frozen state and relate to existential questions and human conditions. His films can be described as a still picture moving, a state of presence unresolved. “ My physical presence functions as a performative tool to question human conditions, cosmic order, time and landscapes. Through forms of abstraction I bring my content from a specific happening, or a specific social context to a larger existential scenery." Michiel Alberts has studied Visual Art at the H.I.S.K. institute in Antwerp and Gent (2008). He also completed a Master of Arts at Dasarts in Amsterdam (2005) and completed the Acting School of Maastricht (1997)