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Anna Ådahl
Default Character
Video, essay film/Art | hdv | color | 13'32'' | Sweden | 2016
The film Default Character focuses on the vocabulary, tools and human representation of the softwares proposing and tracking the crowds behaviour, adressing the impact of how default settings produces an image of the algorithmically programmed human body. The film include images from online tutorials of crowd simulation programs ,human tracking devices and newly shot scenes (performed by dancer Pelle Andersson). The featured examples given by these tutorials and showreels are perfectly coordinated swarms, mass body crushes, camp sites and religious gatherings such as the Hadj in Mecka. Crowd simulations which are mainly used for crowd management and Hollywood production use a multi-agent simulation framework which is a computational methodology that allows building an artificial environment populated with autonomous agents which are capable of interacting with each other. The human tracking devices, track, study and accumulate statistics on our collective behaviour, while the crowd simulation proposes it. The voice over in the film, interlaces the tutors voice of informative instructions from the software tutorials with the artist´s personal voice and commentaries.
Anna Adahl is an artist and researcher working in various mediums such as film, installations and performance. She uses the tools of assemblage and montage where found footage meets newly shot images and where ready-mades are used as props in spatial narratives. Her ongoing Fine Art practice-based PhD at the Royal College of Art in London, UK, adresses the aesthetics and politics of crowd simulations analyses, using the physical body as tool and reference, the identity and human representation in crowds generated and supervised by new computational technologies. Her works has been exhibited and presented internationally and she is also a member of the editorial team of OEI magazine.