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Christin berg
Stille Ab Hier
Experimental doc. | 4k | color | 11'31'' | Germany | 2019
From now on silence is a short film in which we observe characters who wander through empty building complexes of a city. They are the survivors of a time that is not separated from their places. Auras and real people blur into a questionable constellation of figures. The venues are office buildings and a disused theatre before its imminent demolition. Obscure moments of encounters and the return of walking and coming alternate. Silence from here observes these sceneries and is thus a contemporary document of a place that no longer exists.
Born in Berlin, Germany. 1982. Christin Berg graduated as Meisterschülerin of film in 2015 of Städelschule. She studied at UCL, Slade fine art media department 2013-2014. 2008 Diplom in Scenography and Set Design from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover.