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Jad youssef
Al fayadan (The Flood)
Fiction, Hybrid/docufiction | 4k | color | 19'48'' | Lebanon | 2017
a video that attempts to portray an eerie study of seclusion, alienation in and through the image of the fugitive. the main character occupying the images is an anti-hero recluse who resides in a state of self-inflicted introspection. the character is transcended through a narrative thread of non-fiction moments and segments, into a cluster of morose stagnation and insistent malaise. *secrecy molds the morbid drifting of hatem, a man who works in privacy and lives his life accordingly. hatem hides more than he tells, clouding himself in a reclusive state of introspection.
Born in 1989, I am an artist-filmmaker from beirut. I finished my bachelors in audiovisual studies, with a specialization in cinema, from saint joseph university, beirut in 2013 with my film “ transmission ”. afterwards, I went on to collaborate with ashkal alwan, which led to my 2014 ongoing film project titled “ a thin soft layer of ”. I graduated from the film masters program at the netherlands film academy in 2017 with a thesis exploring the self-alienation and seclusion that deviant members of society may inflict on themselves as an act of escapism. I’ve worked in different fields related to film, including cinematography, editing, sound, development, production as well as assembling my own process, first and foremost as a filmmaker, but also as a researcher.