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Hira nabi
All That Perishes at the Edge of Land
Documentary | hdv | color | 29'48'' | Pakistan | 2019
In this docu-fictional work, ‘Ocean Master’ a container vessel is anthropomorphized, and enters into a dialogue with several workers at the Gadani yards. The conversation moves between dreams and desire, places that can be called home, and the structural violence embedded in the act of dismembering a ship at Gadani. As the workers recall the homes and families they left behind, the long work days mesh indistinguishably into one another, the desperation that they carry with them like shackles rises to the forefront, and they are forced to confront the realities of their work in which they are faced with death every day. How may they survive and look towards the future?
Hira Nabi is a filmmaker and visual artist, based in Pakistan. Her work thinks through the value associated with labor, networked industrial practices, botanical migrations and their impact upon cultural identities, and notions of homemaking. She lives and works in Pakistan.