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Igor boŠnjak
Hotel Balkan
Experimental film, Meditative | dslr full HD 1080 | color | 10'25'' | Bosnia & Herzegovina | 2013
?It is not the literal past that rules us, it is images of the past...? George Steiner Hotel Balkan is meditative and ambiental video which defines borders between futuristic memory of past and present thinking of future. I?ve been wondering about something: Why is it that images from the past - the actual past - often feel more futuristic than our current images of an imagined future? But if the future doesn?t look much like the future, the past often does. There are pictures from the past that, while you immediately recognize them as being from the past, nevertheless feel futuristic. It?s as though there?s something in your brain that wants to read them as images from the future. In this concept there is an idea that Tito?s nuclear bunker is equivavelnt for some kind of motel, or maybe even a hotel. Nowadays, Tito?s nuclear bunker wants sunshine instead of fluorescent lights, the sound of wind blowing through trees instead of the dull noise of its massive air-conditioning unit. It looks forward to the chatter of people and the sound of their footsteps instead of the noise produced by the closing of its steel antinuclear doors.
Born 1981 in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia. Lives & work in Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina. He is mainly working within the fields of film, video, concept, installation & photography. Also works as a video curator & freelance theoretician. Curently works as a asistant professor at Academy of Visual Arts in Trebinje. Education 2005 Academy of Visual Arts (BA) in Trebinje, Department of Painting 2006 Founder and the curator of the international namaTREba project biennial 2008 Interdisciplinary master (MA) studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Theory of Art & Media Department 2011 Interdisciplinary (PhD) studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade / Theory of Art & Media Department His works shows and exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Atopia Film & VideoKunst Gallery, Oslo, CAM Casoria, Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Kunst Museum, Bonn, Galleria d? Arte Moderna Palazzo Forti, Verona, Museum of Contemporary Art RS, Banja Luka, Point Ephemere, Paris, Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin, Espacio Center Canarias, Tenerife, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Center of Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Budapest Art Fair Mucsarnok, Budapest, Spazio Monitor, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, Tapetenwerk Halle C, Leipzig, A+A Galerie, Art Verona, Venice, Gallery Remont, Belgrade... more info: www.igorbosnjak.com