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Jelili atiku, usuff olawale azeez
Victim of Political Assassination
Performance, - | 16mm, - | color | 30'5'' | Nigeria | 2007
"Victim of Political Assassination" was conceived as a campaigned aimed to influence Nigerian sociopolitical principles and to modernize the logic which direct them. In its composition, form and theme, it represents an insightful expression of the act of political assassination. An inanimate human body, a shirt, a Nigerian flag, a political campaign poster,a watch, a cord of clay and a mobile phone are assembled in an interactive way so as to push the public to reflect. They are charged with symbolical meaning: the stripped body, wrapped and tied to the Nigerian flag representing the massacre. The left hand is there to describe the submission to death. The staggering of clay represents pain and suffering. The watch and phone symbolize the economic impact of these deaths. The five people in the performance are there to set the mood of people in mourning.
Jelili Olorunfunmi Atiku is a famous artist of human rights in Nigeria. Born in 1968 in Ejigbo, he is involved in the creation of works of art which promote an egalitarian society, respect and foster human rights. He studied Fine Arts at the University Ahmadu Bello of Zaira and at Lagos University. He is, amongst others, the founder and main coordinator at Advocate for Human Rights Through Arts, and president of Movement for Creative Drawing. In 2004 he organized a militant exhibit for prison and penalty reform in Nigeria entitled, "Shadows in the Dark" (Lagos National Onikan Museum). In 2005 his sculpture-installation "Ewawo: The Awaiting Trial Persons" was exhibited at Lagos University and at Lagos State House of Assembly. It advocates for the disappearance of an awful practice which facilitates prison overpopulation awaiting trial in the Nigerian penitentiary system.