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Katherine sweetman
Swimming with Rosemary
Documentary | dv | color | 41'33'' | USA | 0
Rosemary and her boyfriend were living in New Orleans during the devastation of the hurricane Katrina. They decided to stay in New Orleans during the hurricane and its consequences. After five days of defending their house, they decided to leave. They find refuge in a ranch in the surrounds of Houston, Texas. The ranch belonged to a pastor and he convinced them that if they wanted to spend the night together, they should get married. This could have been a romantic story except that the man, this boyfriend become husband was an abusive alcoholic with a tendency to violence. Six months after the hurricane flattened the districts of New Orleans, the film maker took Rosemary back to retrace her steps in the evacuation , to visit her old house, and film a documentary about her flight. At least, that's what she told Rosemary, though her real reason was to persuade her to leave her abusive husband.
My background centers on film studies, video, and experimental communications projects. As a result, my first year and a half of work at the Visual Arts Facility, UCSD, has produced three, very personal documentary films concerning my family, close friends, and myself. The issue then quickly became, why do I want to expose these very personal issues to the public? What is the human drive to do that type of act? My work has since become an investigation of that question. Beyond myself, why do others expose themselves to the public and what are the means through which we all do this?