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Hadrien don fayel
Le coeur parlait (portrait de Jean Touzet)
Experimental doc. | dv, super 8 | color and b&w | 22'0'' | France | 2008
During the first thirty years of his life, Jean Touzet explores various artistic fields while taking turns as an actor a pianist, conductor with Jean Vilar. When he gets an offer to pump life into the Cannes Festival, it is in an artistic way that many questions of an administrative nature are settled. It is undoubtedly thanks to that he succeeds in making the festival an unusual event, an ?original creation?.
After six years of training in visual art and two years in Art Semiology /Anthropology, Hadrian Gift Fayel devotes himself to the study of photographic images for two years and afterwards cinema (graduating as assistant producer with the Free Academy of French Cinema in 2007). He masks two short-films strips: ?That which by his dreams guides the world, through others seeks its way? (4 minutes) in 2007 and ? the Human Function? (4 minutes 20) in 2008, Co-produced with Perrine Liévois. In 2007, He produces ?Echoes?, feature film carried out by Perrine Liévois. In 2008, he produces a numerically termed documentary: ?The Heart Spoke (portrait of Jean Touzet)?