2021 Paris Programme
Experience the 3D immersive space we have developed for this new edition. Based on 3D scans and photogrammetry of the Louvre auditorium, this experimental space will allow you to explore the venue via your web browser and access the programme in real time.
The hybrid edition is over
Thanks to you all!
and let's meet in Berlin in August 2021!

The immersive space is a project designed and developed for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2021, in collaboration with the Louvre auditorium.
- Curators: Nathalie Hénon, Jean-François Rettig
- Art Direction: Margit Lukacs, Persijn Broersen
- Production manager and modeling: Guillaume Flahault
- Photogrammetry assistant, photo documentation : Jean-Baptiste Georjon
- 3D scan and photogrammetry: ENSG Ecole Nationale des Sciences Géographiques
- Development, coding: POC Innovation
- Acknowledgements to Epitech - Computer school Paris