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Tommaso donati
Experimental fiction | hdv | color | 16'4'' | Switzerland / France | 2015
An homeless woman shares her life in a highway station with her dog. After his missing, she starts to wander around the station and the woods searching for him; in the meantime the gestures of a mysterious man that works in a prehistorical museum in the middle of the forest take place like every day. Linked by the same basic human need the woman, the man and the animal will move and cross each other looking for something more elevated.
Tommaso Donati (Lugano, 1988 ) est un réalisateur et photographe. En 2013 il obtient un diplôme en cinema à l’ EICAR – The International Film School of Paris. Ces films et son œuvre photographique se concentrent sur la nature, le cycle de la vie et la relation entre homme et animal.