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Karina Rojas Sandoval

Descomposición Aleatoria

Vidéo | hdv | couleur et n&b | 4:51 | Chili | 2015

Family archives around the figure of Lucila. She had Alzheimer`s and was my grandmother. Corruption of the material as the manifestation of a degenerative disease, set in a visual decomposition process based on the destruction of memory. Dismantled and fragmented memories, unified by the soundtrack.

Karina Rojas Sandoval born in 1992, in Santiago, Chile. Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication, Film and Television Degree (2016), by Universidad de Chile. Exhibits and works regularly in video art since 2015. She works mostly in experimental videos and documentaries, where she organizes her work around found footage and the manipulation and intervention of archive materials as a part of her narrative and artistic research. Her work has been selected in Festivals, Exhibitions, Shows and Contests in Chile, Colombia, Finland, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, United States and Venezuela. Major and recent exhibits events: ‘Comic Unity’ Exhibition, Flux factory, NY, USA, 2017; 6th Edition of Samples-Mexico: Transvideo: Borderless Image, Mexico-Finland, 2016; 3rd edition Festival Internacional de Video Experimental "Proceso de Error", Valparaiso, Chile, 2016; 12th FONLAD International Videoart & Performance Festival, Coimbra, Portugal, 2016; 2nd edition Festival Video Arte NodoCCS, Caracas, Venezuela, 2016 and 5th Concurso Nacional de Video Arte Universitario (Universitary National Video Art Contest) ‘Visiones del Arte’, Category ‘International Selection’, Mexico City, Mexico. At the last mentioned two she gets the first place with her video ‘Descomposición aleatoria’.