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Cameron Platter

The Old Fashion

Vidéo | dv | couleur | 16:7 | Afrique du sud | 2010

The Old Fashion, is an adventure in humour, love, loss and longing for something more? a mélange of The Third Man, an advertisement for Prince Barrack Hussein?s sports water/ penis combo, strip club dance montages, mysterious villains and co-conspirators, and a certain fast food restaurant on Asstropolis. It pays homage to movie remakes and sequels, franchise food, dumbed-down politics, and mundane beauty. It is a portrait of contemporary South Africa, through the eyes of a deranged cat dictator bent on world domination.

Cameron Platter (born 1978 Johannesburg) His work is an intoxicating vision of Good vs. Evil, documenting contemporary morality through the telling of simple stories drawn and appropriated from the media, TV, films, art, history, pornography, battle scenes, politics, music, and religion. His targets and influences include Lamborghinis, Kawasakis and beautiful women in fishnets; megalomania and the mass media; James Bond and Richard Pryor; corrupt politicians; penis extension machines and strip clubs; children?s stories, crime fiction and gangster films; Southern African woodcut and craft masters; tabloid horror stories; wildlife, real life and things falling apart? Mixing traditional and new mediums, Platter creates a tableau that is a sincere homage to historical themes, an ironical take on contemporary Africa, and an ultra primitive, anti-aesthetic view on what it means to be alive today in South Africa. Recent projects include: Hard Times Great Expectations, Whatiftheworld Gallery, Cape Town; I Am Lonelyness, Hilger Contemporary, Vienna; The Old Fashion, Volta NY, New York; Black Up That White Ass II, Youngblackman, Cape Town; Dak?Art, Biennale de Dakar, 1910-2010: Pierneef to Gugulective, South African National Gallery and Art 39 Basel, Switzerland. His work is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York.