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Alterazioni Video


Fiction expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 33:10 | Italie, Ethiopie | 2014

Omo Valley, Ethiopia: a region where tribes villages are reduced to human zoos to entertain the honeymooners tourism industry. International corporation have land-grabbed most of the indigenous territory for massive cotton field plantations. The Omo river is been recently closed by the biggest dam of Africa, leaving two hundred thousand tribe people facing food shortages and forced resettlement. With no land where to hunt, no river where to fish , tribes lives depends on the show they are able to perform daily in front of tourists. The fate of the region is written. The one of the tribes depends on their performative skills We went there and after meeting with one tribe we asked them to imagine their future in a cinematic epic way. This was basically the script. We weren’t that surprised when they came up with a futuristic techno pop idea of themselves. We formed a tribal girl band and began filming. We recorded with the tribe the music under the shadow of one of the few trees left standing by the plantation workers. We built a bar together and threw a party, remixing our own notion of partying with their celebratory rituals. It’s been a participative creative process that generated an unique original experience.

Alterazioni Video is a group of four artists founded in Milan in 2004 and now based in New York and Berlin.The members of the group are Paololuca Barbieri Marchi, Alberto Caffarelli, Andrea Masu and Giacomo Porfiri. Their work is been exhibited internationally in museum and art institutions like: the Disobedience Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2005, 52nd International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale 2007, Manifesta 7 Rovereto 2008, Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture 2009, 21x21, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Turin 2010, Maxxi Museum, Rome 2010, Performa 09 and 11 New York, MoMA PS1 Performance Dome New York 2012, Freak Out, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York 2013, PAC Milan 2014, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum Berlin 2015 and among others. In the last five years the collective has been producing a series of 10 docu-feature films called TurboFilm, TurboFilm is a filmic system or methodology, that relate to the ongoing, generationally marked reconfiguration of experience in daily life and social relations, in labor, the economy, and politics. It aims to raise questions on problematic topics through a transversal multi-format production that can circulate through different media platforms.