Catalogue > Un extrait vidéo au hasard

Michele Bressan

fifth,sixth and seventh floor

Documentaire | dv | couleur | 4:27 | Roumanie | 2010

The block across the street, or mirror block, has been for the past 17 years my immediate landscape, a modular display of my closest reality, one I often avoided, as familiar images get skipped, distancing into the background. It happens because repetition eventually subsides the identification process. I chose to recognize the occurrences nearby and regard my quotidian landscapes as a view, put together by architecture and space boundaries, which also cause an involuntary voyeurism to appear.

Michele Bressan (b.1980) in the last few years his works were exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions, including Museum fur Photographie Braunschweig (2013), Centre Wallon d`Art Contemporain (2012), ViennaFair The New Contemporary (2012), Les Rencontres d`Arles photo festival (2011), Musée d`Art Moderne Saint Etienne (2011), Gate11 international departures, Fondazione Fotografia Modena (2011), Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Italia nel Mondo (2011), Mois de la Photo (2010), National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest (2009/2010), Performance Art Institute San Francisco (2010), ESSL Museum Wien (2009), Neuen Museum/ Bauhaus Universitat Weimar (2009). In 2010 he won the Constantin Brabcusi fellowship at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris. In 2009 he recived the ESSL award for photography, in the same year was nominee for the Henkel award.