Catalogue > Un extrait vidéo au hasard

George Drivas


Fiction expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 11:0 | Grèce | 2011

?Sequence Error? is inspired by the well known Karl Marx quote, ?History repeats itself first as tragedy and than as farce?, and re-uses parts of two famous speeches of the 20th century delivered by Che Guevara (1963) and George Marshal (1947). In a contemporary corporate environment and on the occasion of a sudden system crisis, two leaders of two different groups (workers vs. executives) deliver some parts of the two aforementioned speeches.

George Drivas is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions namely, Best Experimental Film Award at London Greek Film Festival, London, UK (2010), Special Mention at the ?Strange Screen?, Experimental Film and Video Festival, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece (2009), 2nd Prize at VII Media Art Forum, XXVII Moscow International Film Festival, Moscow, Russia (2006), 2nd Prize at the Zebra International Poetry Film Festival, Berlin, Germany (2002) and Jury Award for Experimental Short Film at the New York Expo, NY, NY (2002). George Drivas?s work has been featured as a Solo Show at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece, (?un-documented?, 2009) and is part of the Athens?s MoCA permanent collection.