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Sebastian Brameshuber

Of Stains, Scrap & Tires

Documentaire | 16mm | couleur | 20:0 | Autriche, France | 2014

Of Stains, Scrap & Tires is a calm, documentary miniature that chooses the auto export business of three young Nigerians in the Erzberg region as a point of association and departure for formulating something more fundamental about the first and third worlds, movement and standstill, business, space, and freedom.

Sebastian Brameshuber studied scenography at the Vienna University of Applied Arts and contemporary arts at Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France. His earlier films are in the tradition of Austrian avant-garde cinema and examine the nature of the moving image. In his documentary works, he maintains a strong interest in form, while emphasising human relationships and sociopolitical issues. His work has been presented at major film and media art festivals such as the Berlinale, Viennale, FID Marseille, BAFICI, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, EMAF Osnabrueck, Impakt Utrecht, Media Art Friesland, etc. He currently lives and works in Vienna.