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Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel Collective

I May Doze for Millions of Years

Vidéo | 4k | couleur | 13:54 | Taiwan, Mexique | 2021

A group of people from different backgrounds fall into a doze at a fairly masculine old Mexican bar: security guards transporting a naked man, a boy giving secret signals, women carrying long-barreled guns, and rocks. The lines narrated by the performer are taken from the notes of a serial killer, political materials, and the dying words of Takijiro Onishi, originator of the kamikaze tactics.

Director and visual artist Val Lee founded Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel(GMGS) with Hikky Chen in 2008. GMGS is active in visual and performing arts. GMGS uses ephemeral situations to lead the audience into a form of live art that comprises action scripts, installations, sound, hypnotic rhetoric, composite structures, and mise-en-scène. The collective has collaborated with non-performers to construct political fables with a dream-like method. GMGS’s works have been exhibited at the Vernacular Institute, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Forum des Images, Grand Palais, the Danish feminist initiative ARIEL, Taiwan Contemporary Cultural Lab, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and Hong-Gah Museum; and joined the Taipei Arts Festival, the Gwangju Biennale, the Taiwan Biennial, the Urban Nomad Film Fest, and Month of Performance Art in Berlin.GMGS has been sponsored by the Hong Foundation (2021), the Liveworks Festival Lab artist residency program (2020), the Asian Cultural Council New York Fellowship (2019), Taishin Visual Arts Award (2017), and the National Culture and Arts Foundation.