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Carlos vÁsquez mÉndez
Vientos del Oeste/Vientos del Este
Doc. expérimental | 16mm | noir et blanc | 15'46'' | Chili | 2014
Vientos del Oeste/Vientos del Este is a film about the frontier as a junction of eastern and western winds, an imaginary line crossed by multiple traditions, information and modernity embodied in the transit of people and merchandise through the chilean-bolivian high plateau. As an answer to the authority`s denial to film some activities proper to a delicate border between two countries without diplomatic relations, I search an analogy in the wind and its effects in the landscape, which as the frontier, it is also unable to be seen but easily perceived.
I studied at the Escuela de Cine de Chile, after I completed my degree with materials of visual anthropology and cultural studies, I worked at a film lab before moving permanently to Spain. After completing the Master of Creative Documentary at the Pompeu Fabra University, I concentrated on developing my own film work linked to essay and experimental cinema. Simultaneously I also collaborate on projects by other filmmakers, I teach and write about Art and Cinema. In 2012 along with Amanda Villavieja, we created Atelier La Faz, a sound art and experimental cinema laboratory.