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Diego bruno
Experimental doc. | 4k | color | 21'56'' | Finland / Argentina | 2015
The film focuses on the formation and representation of ideology, the position of the intellectual, and forms of re-presentation, actualisation of historical complexities. Galindez departs from the theatre play El Señor Galindez, written by Argentine psychoanalyst, dramaturge and actor Eduardo Pavlovsky in 1972.
Born in 1978 in Argentina, Diego Bruno lives and works in Helsinki. He studied History of Art at the University of Buenos Aires, holds a BA in Fine Arts from the Escola Massana, Barcelona and an MFA in Fine Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Bruno’s work has been shown at Wiels Center for Contemporary Art, Brussels; Museum of Latin American Art, Buenos Aires; Centre d ́Art Santa Monica, Barcelona; Manifesta 08 Murcia; Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York; Center for Contemporary Art Celje; Extra City, Antwerp; The Solo Project, Basel; Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona and Malmö Kunsthalle, among others.