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Billy Roisz, dieb13


Performance multimédia | 4k | couleur | 45:0 | Autriche | 2019

TWIXT is the brand new duo-project of Billy Roisz and Dieter Kova?i? a.k.a. dieb13, bringing together their works as film directors and their activities as live musicians. Over the years, the two have directed and produced several experimental short films dealing with classical film genres like western, horror film or road movie. The films explore the inner mechanisms of well established cinematic conventions and turn them into an immediate sensual experience. TWIXT uses re-arranged footage of these short films as a score for a live soundtrack and fuses abstract and concrete imagery and sounds into a synaesthetical and synecstatical media-meltdown.

Billy Roisz and Dieter Kova?i? have been active in Vienna’s electronic, improvised, noise music and experimental film scene since the 1990s. Billy Roisz’s work focuses on the links and gaps between visual and auditive perception, using various electronic instruments, electric bass guitar, cathode ray tube TVs, video projectors, synchronators and sometimes computer to generate sound and image. Dieter Kova?i? aka dieb13, best known for his turntable music activities and as founder of the experimental music platform uses turntables, self-cut vinyls and self written software for his musical works in many different fields. His film works include photo films (‘schnitzel’) as well as abstract digital and analogue works. Their collaborative film works have been shown at Berlinale, Karlovary Film Festival, IFF Rotterdam, Hongkong Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival and SXSW Texas, a.o.. They performed their audio visual projects live at Bienal São Paulo, Nya Perspektiv (Västeras), 25FPS (Zagreb), BAWAG Foundation (Vienna), FBI (Osaka), Suoni Per Il Popolo (Montreal), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam), Transmediale (Berlin), Sonica (Ljubljana), Unconsciuos Archives Festival (London) a.o..