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Bieke Depoorter, Mattias De Craene


Doc. expérimental | 4k | couleur | 9:0 | Belgique, Allemagne | 2017

In states of endless slumber, people endure the stifling dark. Powerful forces of nature rage relentlessly, sometimes soothing and sometimes menacing. The roar of the factory thunders on without halt, steadily eroding the surrounding landscape. Sluggish shapes seemingly abide the desolate waste around them. These Mountains, these waves and our people, carry the darkness, lies and slowness within. For he who can`t take no more only laughter can bring salvation.

Bieke Depoorter was born in 1986 in Kortrijk, Belgium. She received a Master’s Degree in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent in 2009. Her early colour photography work is the result of a unique approach: she captures the privacy of people whom she meets by chance and she gets to invite her into their homes. She captures indescribable, fragile and intense moments, always with kindness. Depoorter finalized her first short film Dvalemodus in 2017, which she directed together with musician Mattias De Craene. The film talks about the everlasting darkness in a small village in the Northern Norway. When she was just 25 years old, she joined the Magnum agency, of which she became a nominee in 2012 and a full member in 2016. In 2017 she won the Prix Levallois. Mattias De Craene was born 1989 in Belgium. He is a saxophone player and composer. His musical language is often described as unique and genre-defying. He is often linked with the free improvisational scene, and is also a founding member of several bands, such as Nordmann. In an everlasting quest of making abstract things more specific, he has recently started to combine music with visual arts.