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Zeno Van Den Broek

Shift Symm

Performance multimédia | hdv | noir et blanc | 20:0 | Danemark, Pays-Bas | 2018

The Shift Symm collection is a series of brutal, abstract audiovisual constructions. Raw, exposed electronic textures collide in oscillating patterns of drift. Van den Broek’s sculptural sonic architecture plays on rigorous shifts of compositional symmetry – with results that are both hypnotic and evocative. Shifting is a key principle in the work. Visual and sonic elements – beats, lines and blocks – perpetually breach the symmetry of their arrangements, switch to new paths and start new trajectories. In chains of transformations, order gives way to controlled entropy. Shift Symm is presented as a video triptych, a live a/v performance and a digital album

Zeno van den Broek is a Dutch-born, Copenhagen-based composer and artist. Van den Broek works in a multi-sensory way to research and express physical, social and acoustic notions. He utilizes immaterial, digital and temporal means to create site and concept specific works. This trans-disciplinary method has a strong conceptual foundation, originating from Zeno his background in architecture, which enables him to comprehend and reveal the richness and complexity of spatial, visceral and physical perception. Zeno van den Broek has been commissioned work by various esteemed institutes and festivals such as the Gaudeamus Foundation, SPOR Festival and the Old Church of Amsterdam. He has presented work at venues and festivals such as International Film Festival Rotterdam, Fiber at CTM Vorspiel, Click Festival and Gaudeamus Festival. His work has been presented by among others: LIMA, VPRO Vrije Geluiden, Sedition and TheBillboardCollective – Los Angeles.