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William Andreas Wivel


Documentaire | 16mm | couleur | 32:4 | Danemark | 2019

Somewhere in Denmark Eyad is practicing Japanese. He is alone in his room and sleeps several days in a row. He fled through Europe from Syria. Inam is in her kitchen roasting almond for Maklouba. She is his mother. The extractor hood in her new kitchen doesn’t work properly. In a letter read for Eyad, we learn that the narrator’s mother has died. The two of them meet in this longing for something. Can we say farewell to what was in the past to live in what comes next? Through silent pictures, Sayonara (Goodbye) explores the condition of being lost. 

William Andreas Wivel B. 1988 William Andreas Wivel is Danish born filmmaker, working in several countries, based in Copenhagen. He received his MA in Film Science from the University of Copenhagen in 2014 with a part productional part academic thesis on the subject; queer-feministic film aesthetics. After university he entered The National Film School of Denmark where he graduated in documentary directing in 2019. Specializing in auteur-driven documentary film, his work often has an essayistic approach to story telling with focus on combining strong visuals with in depth character studies. William Andreas Wivel is the director behind several short films and is developing his first feature length documentary where he continues his collaboration with Eyad Dahbour.