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Thomas Taube


Fiction expérimentale | 4k | couleur | 45:19 | Allemagne | 2016

NARRATION links issues of social relevance, such as the systematic exploitation of workers on arab building sites, with questions of awareness and the perception of (constructed) narratives in our everyday lives. Different languages and associated concepts – such as imagination and seeing – are interleaved into a well arranged field of associations. In Taube`s work the "flow of images" becomes a symbol for the flux of visual concepts and the impossibility of them ever coming to a halt. The impact of the film is also due to the performance of its protagonists, who, at times far from playing a role, represent and reflect their own actions: the actor comes to represent the narrator on a stage.

Thomas Taube is a German video artist who is living and working in Leipzig. He studied from 2008 to 2014 at the Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) Leipzig and graduated from Prof. Clemens von Wedemeyer class with an honourable distinction. He is currently a „Meisterschüler“ of Clemens von Wedemeyer. From June until December 2016 Taube was resident at the ISCP in New York. The residency was sponsored by the Cultural Foundation of the Free state Saxony (KDFS). His video works are concept-based films which question obvious and seemingly self-evident circumstances of our daily lives.